According to the FTC, one of the highest percentages of identity theft victims are college age. That’s understandable because students are very busy with studies, sports and social activities
and less likely to sufficiently protect their personal information.

It can be extremely stressful if a student becomes a victim. They already have a lot on their plate trying to achieve good results, spending time with friends and learning how to manage away from home. They certainly don’t need the hassle of trying to undo problems posed if their ID is fraudulently used.

College students need to be aware that their ID is valuable, but always at risk.

If you are targeted, identity thieves can get your personal information when you use an unsecured site on the Internet, from personnel records at college, papers left in your dorm or shared information on social media.

Your trash can be another great place for a thief to find discarded preapproved credit offers and other items that contain useful ID details. Even allowing your mail to come to your college puts
you at risk. It’s much safer to have it delivered to your home address. If in doubt, shred it Sometimes they’ll get useful information from ‘inside’ sources. It can be as easy as paying a dishonest store employee for information about you that appears on an application for goods, services or credit or buy it on the black market.

Thieves will sometimes pose as someone who legitimately needs information about you. They will call or email and simply ask questions. Because they sound legit, you can unwittingly give them answers that can enable them to assume your identity.

So please be extra cautious, enjoy college life and go on to achieve your dreams.

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