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Mission Statement

GettingSafer exists to assist people in preparing for and responding to life changing events. From health & wellness to suspicious online activity alerts and proactive ID monitoring, GettingSafer helps you protect everything you love. We offer safety tips from respected experts and consumer fraud alerts in the internet’s most comprehensive safety resource.

About Us


Personal Safety

The personal safety sections of GettingSafer are designed as an easy to use, one-stop educational what-to-do and how-to-do-it information resource. In order to stay relevant and comprehensive, each safety topic is updated with important information to help you and loved ones become, and stay safer.

ID Protection

An important part of being safe involves protection of our identity, but although technology can make day-to-day life easier; it also creates our digital double. This means that with or without physical documents, thieves can steal and fraudulently use our information and potentially hurt us in many ways.

Because it’s virtually impossible for anyone to protect their own identity, GettingSafer offers affordable, comprehensive ID protection. This full featured service proactively monitors millions of records; alerts you of any unusual activity, and acts to prevent or minimize damage. However, in case the worst happens, there’s the 24/7/365 fully managed expert recovery team to restore your good name, and get you back to your pre-theft status.


Finally at no extra costs to all members, the GettingSafer Marketplace offers safety related products and services that are useful as part of an overall personal safety planning exercise.  In most cases we act as an affiliate and receive a small commission but that does not Impact the prices generally available. Any purchases helps defray costs and keep the entire GettingSafer operation inexpensive and available to all you want to become safer in todays’ dangerous world.

At GettingSafer we look forward to helping you discover all the things that can make you and loved ones become safer.


Richard Watson, Founder

GettingSafer.com is a division of Lifetime Guides, LLC.

A percentage of GettingSafer profits is contributed to First Responders Via MC-LEF


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