Following the attacks of 9/11, our founder, Richard Watson, consulted numerous professionals and safety experts to write LIFELINE – THE GUIDE TO LIFE PROTECTION.

With continuing research the next step was to make up-to-date personal safety advice, information, and alerts available on the Internet.

GettingSafer has been founded as a unique web location to inform and recommend all things safety. There’s no other site with so many topics that are strictly focused on individuals.

Of course, one of the most critical safety requirements today is protecting our identity. But without high tech preemptive monitoring it’s virtually impossible to personally handle the task. For that reason, and peace of mind we offer GettingSafer ID Protection with a fully managed reliable recovery service if the worst happens.

In today’s dangerous world, GettingSafer is here as a 24/7 guide that details how you can become and stay organized, be safer day-to-day, prepare for potential emergencies and practice the types of activities that could be lifesaving.

     In Appreciation, GettingSafer contributes to the First Responders Organization MC-LEF


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