The loss of life and property in Texas since Harvey came on shore has become the worst natural disaster in US history. The scale of destruction and flood damage is being addressed 24/7 by Federal, State and Local agencies as well as first responders and volunteers.

In a show of concern, Americans have come together to lend a hand in any way they can to help one another. In times of stress, regardless of ethnic, religious, political or any other differences, neighbor is helping neighbor. Those who are able to assist are working tirelessly to save lives, and donate aid in all forms, to help those affected.

Businesses of all types are donating goods, services and money to help the victims and show their concern and support for fellow Americans. This outpouring of generosity is heartwarming and gives volunteers the aid they need to carry out any tasks they can do to improve a victims’ situation.

There’s really no shortcut. The only way to be prepared for this or any other type of dangerous event is to learn, plan and practice what to do for oneself or family protection, and that can usually be an overwhelming task.

That’s why GettingSafer has been established as the single resource to deliver information to help determine the dangers one may face, and provide advice and remedies to stay safe.

Even in our homes, dangers lurk. But with the correct precautions, visits to the emergency room can be reduced or eliminated. Similarly, ways to deal with potential dangers outside the home or traveling can be learned as well as the best ways to remain safe.

In the case of Harvey, most residents probably knew they were living in a hurricane zone. But it usually takes a lot of time and effort to become prepared for emergencies. So, with only a few days warning it’s was already too late to start to make adequate preparations.

It’s to be hoped that this tragedy will be seen as a signal that we should work with family, friends and neighbors to minimize any fallout of future emergencies. They’re certain to happen. We just don’t know what it could be, where or when.

Please start GettingSafer to protect yourself and loved ones.

As our mission statement says, GettingSafer exists to assist people in preparing for and responding to life changing events. From health & wellness to suspicious online activity alerts and proactive ID monitoring, GettingSafer helps you protect everything you love. We offer safety tips from respected experts and consumer fraud alerts in the internet’s most comprehensive safety resource.