TEANECK, N.J., PRNewswire-iReach/ -- GettingSafer is a leading provider of life protection and safety services. With a comprehensive identity monitor system, GettingSafer protects clients and their families from identity theft and related crimes. The company also offers document security and other services for individuals and businesses.

Richard and Mark Watson, the founders of GettingSafer, keep clients informed of the latest tips for identity and data security. Protecting your personal information is the most crucial tip for keeping your identity safe. Identity theft is increasing, and GettingSafer offers advice to help you avoid becoming a victim.

Several police departments are reporting an unusual rise in identity theft cases. This crime is subtle, and people remain largely unaware of their compromised identity until large sums of money disappear. It is imperative that you never give your details to anyone via unsolicited correspondence, and only provide sensitive information to trusted companies that you contact personally.

One of the first signs of identity theft involves discrepancies on the victim's bank and credit account statements. Frequently, people do not notice any unusual activity as criminals hide these debits beneath other charges. You should always inspect financial statements thoroughly, and you should notify your bank immediately if you notice any strange transactions.

People are often gullible when it comes to money, and they fall for blatant swindles, even those that have been circulating for years. If an offer appears suspicious, or unrealistically positive, it is likely fraudulent in nature. Foreign lotteries do not give away money, and people do not inherit millions from unknown relatives. If someone requests a payment to send you money, that person is probably committing fraud.

If you engage in online financial transactions or shopping, be sure to use only reputable businesses. An online store is so easy to set up that elementary schoolchildren can do it. Criminals easily create fake companies, and when victims want to purchase a service or product, they literally hand over their credit card details to potential fraudsters.

Ensure that you use strong passwords to protect your devices and accounts, such as tablets and smartphones. If you are using these technologies to shop online or store personal details, then this information is at risk without effective protection. Password protect all devices, and create passwords that contain a minimum of eight characters, and a combination of symbols, numbers and letters.

It is vital that you perform an annual credit check to look for any suspicious accounts that you never opened. Investigate your credit record, and if you notice any "new" accounts, file a report at your police department, and contact the Federal Trade Commission to report the incident.


GettingSafer is a leading company in safety and life protection founded by Lifeline author,Richard Watson. From Identity Theft Protection to Home Security, GettingSafer.com provides the service of safeguarding your personal information and everything that's important to you, resulting in a greater peace of mind. The firm offers a comprehensive membership program that delivers up-to-date information and advice from experts, allowing members to obtain the necessary knowledge to improve their security. Safety topics available to members include: Financial Matters, Home Safety, ID Theft Protection, Legal Information and more. GettingSafer is about helping you and your family stay safer.GettingSafer

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