Home renovation can be an exciting exercise, particularly if it’s well thought out and planned. No doubt you’ll want to keep the cost under control and save as much as possible. But the groundwork for your nightmares will start, if you try to save too early.

The design and material specifications for the job should be drawn up by a competent designer or architect depending on the scope of work. Unless this is done correctly you’re leaving yourself open to major problems; making changes as the job progresses and untold cost overruns.

With proper plan completed you need to interview a few competent licensed contractors, preferably recommended, to get quotes on your job. When you make a choice, meet the owners of homes where work has been recently completed by the contractor and ask for their opinion of the contractor.

After all that there’s another critical step. Make sure you have a proper agreement with the contractor and although it may not cost much it is vital. There are many ways to go about this task, from hiring an attorney to using an online provider of forms that you can complete yourself. Either way is correct but make sure that the agreement complies with the requirements of the State in which the work will be done.

On the Internet, there are thousands of forms for different situations. For your job you need one that complies with requirements in your State. For a small cost in relation to everything else associated with your work, US Legal has a selection of Contractor Agreements that can meet your requirements.

Check the Agreements at US Legal, get it completed correctly and as the job progresses satisfactorily sleep well and avoid the nightmare situation. You’ll save lots in the long run.

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