Emergencies Happen...Preparedness is Vital

Safeguard against life’s emergencies. Gain Peace Of Mind For Yourself, Loved-Ones, and Life

GettingSafer.com Membership is all about helping you and your family becoming and staying safer.

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Following 9/11 the author saw a need for a way to avoid the anxieties of loved ones searching for information.

This book goes much further and covers ways to prevent accidents and prepare for emergencies. Easy to read and follow, a must for peace of mind.

The paperback edition of the book is available from Amazon.com: Lifeline: The Guide to Life Protection  More information about the content


Corporate Plans


Real-time safety alerts

How assuring to know that alerts will be delivered rather than you having to check the news or hearing about a problem, long after you should have known what was happening, and able to take action.

Up-to-date scam warnings and information

With so many scams, it is difficult to know what's real or what's going to cause you trouble. Be forewarned and kept up to date with details from GettingSafer to help you from becoming a victim.

Timely access to articles at GettingSafer.com

Access current news, warnings, alerts and more on the GettingSafer site for members.

Accident prevention advice for all ages

Get lots of GettingSafer advice to prevent accidents to children, adults and seniors. Save trips to the emergency room and don’t become a statistic.

Ways to save time and money on security issues

Discover how to prepare for potentially dangerous situations when time is not pressing.

Links to important sites for each safety category

No need to go searching endlessly. GettingSafer.com has important links that are categorized to allow access to what you need in a few moments.

Exclusive GettingSafer Personal Data Forms

Securely record your personal, legal, financial information and more, while knowing nobody can ever access it without your specific permission.

Get your personal, completely secure, GettingSafer Vault

No need to shred since you, and only you, control your personal vault. Of course you can arrange for access to a trusted loved one or a professional in the event of your incapacity.

Monthly GettingSafer Newsletter

More GettingSafer information and security articles, as well as selected valuable products and services

 GettingSafer ID Theft Protection Programshutterstock_101781301

  • Comprehensive ID Protection.
  • Get your Identity Risk Score.
  • ID theft insurance $1m – Discovery based.
  • ID Restoration and Legal advice
  • Credit Counseling
  • Personal Secure Online access
  • Child Protect Service
  • Lost Wallet Service
  • Online Quarterly Newsletter
  • Free Credit Report Reminder Service
  • Provides peace of mind - True ID Theft Protection
  • Better Value – Low Cost family option (family includes member, spouse and children up to age 23)