• NPR reports that 60-80% of all Social Security numbers have already been stolen.
  • FTC’s Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book provides the following:

Children (from birth): Children 19 and under made up 6% of all ID theft victims in 2012.

  • College Students: The highest percentage of ID theft victims are in the 20-29 age range.
  • The Elderly: According to FTC’s Senior Identity Theft Workshop, this age group shows growing problems such as government benefit fraud and medical identity fraud.
  • Deceased: The identity of almost 2.5 million deceased Americans are used improperly to apply for credit products and services each year.

Criminals are often able to use a victim’s identity for illegal use for a long time, before discovery, and cause great harm.

GettingSafer ID Protection provides:

  • Discovery Based Coverage: Covers pre-existing ID theft if the theft had not been discovered prior to enrollment.
  • Identity Monitoring: Our unique and proprietary methods are used to proactively search thousands of financial and non-financial databases and billions of records for the earliest stages of identity theft.
  • Identity Risk Assessment Score: Your information is validated against billions of records to provide a real time Risk Assessment Score that you can view when logged into your account.
  • Alerts: When suspicious activity is detected you will be alerted and contacted to verify the information.
  • If you become a victim we work with you to repair and restore your good name to your pre-theft condition
  • Your Safety is Paramount: No S/S Number is required to apply.

GettingSafer ID Protection is a powerful system that identifies potential misuse of your identity. Our commitment to our Members is to be secure, effective and responsive. As you start your membership, your welcome message includes access to the full terms and conditions of the program.

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