You’re likely to need a lawyer to create your will if your estate is valued over $1.2 million including retirement accounts and/or life insurance. An attorney is also most likely your best choice if you think your will is going to be challenged, or if you have children who may fight over your decisions.

You can probably avoid the expense of hiring an attorney to create a relatively simple will by going online to create your own. A company in business since 1994, US Legal Forms offers regularly updated documents so you simply select the state in which you live and the type of will you require.

For example, if you want to write your will as a person with children you’ll need to be able to name a guardian and/or a trustee of a testamentary trust and state the age at which the trust beneficiaries can receive initial and final distributions from the trust.

Even if you have a large or complicated estate before you seek attorney advice it can be useful to read up or purchase forms on-line for educational purposes. The knowledge you gain is likely to
reduce the time you’ll need to ask appropriate questions and get satisfactory answers from a legal expert. So, getting a will that meets your specific requirements should be completed in the least
amount of time.

Since time is money, and attorney time is costly, learning what you should ask or discuss should help keep any legal expenses under control.

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Just note that even if you create your own will you should leave a copy with your attorney and keep a copy in a safe place at home. But never put a will in a safety deposit box because at the time of your death it will not be accessible.